Most Popular Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts

Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts

Living on the equator, the Galapagos penguins stick out from different species in several ways. While they have a similar appearance to other penguins, they’re only found in particular regions of the islands.

Most people anticipate seeing these, but these shy animals are more difficult to see than the active sea lions and historical tortoises. Keep on reading to find out more about the fascinating truth about Galapagos penguins.

Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts

A Little Species

Standing at just 48 to 50 centimeters, the Spheniscus mendiculus is your second-smallest penguin species. Weights about 2 kilograms, and they have a life span of approximately 15 to 20 decades. Covered in black, white, and gray feathers, they have a distinctive white border that runs behind their own eyes, around the ears, and down to the chin. Otherwise, these penguins game the blackhead and back alongside a white stomach found in most other species.

If you want to find some tuxedo-wearing penguins on your trip, then be sure to include Fernandina and Isabela Islands in your itinerary. Roughly 90% of Galapagos penguins are found in these locations, although they are also found in Santiago, Bartolome, Floreana, and northern Santa Cruz.

fun fact about penguins
Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts

During the afternoon, the penguins retreat to the water for foraging excursions. At night, however, they return to the floor to sleep in burrows. They have their flippers oriented outward while resting. The strong and wealthy currents in the region make certain that the diurnal animals can find lots of food in the water whenever they are outside in the day.

Concerned about Sunburns

People often wonder why those penguins walk in a somewhat hunched manner. It is because their feet are sensitive to sunlight and may become burned. By hunching over slightly, they keep their feet in the color. They also extend their flippers to radiate excess heat and regulate body temperature.

Mating Rituals

Galapagos penguins bond for life. The couples will preen one another, and they frequently tap their partners using their invoice to show affection and create a stronger relationship. Their mating season depends on the food source, but it is generally between May and July.

The animals use cracks and depressions from the lava stones to lay their eggs. Both parents work together to incubate the eggs over a span of 40 days. Once the eggs hatch, the parents operate as a component to bring them food until their feathers develop and they’re able to leave the nest. Though they’re social creatures who live in colonies, penguins don’t get territorial about their personal space. They will protect their nesting place from neighboring penguins.

Galapagos penguins put between 1 and two eggs between May and January.

fun fact about penguins
Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts


Employing body movements and vocalizations to communicate with each other, penguin sounds are like braying a donkey. Each one has unique sounds that allow it to identify its partner and offspring. In addition to flapping their wings in a type of dance to attract mates, they’ll also use wing movements and particular postures to push predators.

Fast Swimmers

Many travelers dream of snorkeling in the Galapagos with all the penguins, but this type of encounter is actually quite rare. This is partly because the penguins are very fast. They dart through the water in search of their prey, and they won’t give folks around them much notice because they capture food. The penguin diet comprises anchovies, sardines, mullet, and much more, and it’s believed they might also feed on crustaceans.


Juveniles grow quickly; they approach adult size in just 30 to 40 days. Immature penguins continue to be easy to see as their feathers are a soft grey instead of the stark black, which comes from adulthood. They also develop the banding later so that they won’t have the exceptional markings of their parents.

When seeing the Galapagos, make sure you include some time for the penguins. If you are seeing with children, they’re guaranteed to be delighted by the penguins in case you’re fortunate enough to see them.

That’s Some Most Popular Galapagos Penguin Fun Facts

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